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Nobody Does It Better...

Ok so stuffness...

trying to think of anythin i did before Saturday to talk about and get out the way before the main point of this update lol

so yeh cant think of anything so onto the wooooooness

FINALLY got to go see TERRORVISION live!! They split up about 4 years ago and i was gutted that id never get to see them coz they have been one of my fave bands for years and years now... and then they decided to do a 'one week only tour' and omg it was just incredible!! They played everything i woulda hoped for and they were on stage for about 1hr45 and they were just totally supreme... Tony was in wicked voice and was jumping around on the stage the whole time.. so much energy and such an awesome sound.. its just awesome to finally be able to say ive seen them play.. hopefully this gig will spark a permenant reunion.. but i doubt it.. but at least i can also say i went to Terrorvisions last ever gig.. they were absolutely incredible... the crowd was really good aswell.. jumping around like crazy with some wicked pits.. kept gettin thrown all over the place, such a great atmosphere.. and Tony has grown his hair back and therefore doesnt look like a muppet anymore lol so yeh i cant remember their entire setlist altho im gonna be tryin to find one online sometime soon but from what i can remember they played (in no particular order):

American TV
My House
Hide The Dead Girl
If I Was You
Dog Chewed The Handle
Bad Actress
Celebrity Hitlist
Alice Whats The Matter?
Stop The Bus
Pretend Best Friend
What Makes You Tick?
Discotheque Wreck
Still The Rhythm
Some People Say
Dya Wanna Go Faster
Friends And Family
Fists Of Fury...

thats 23 songs and im pretty sure there was a few more... but yeh absolutely incredible.. i dnno how i found the energy to keep goin insane thru the whole gig but just WOW basically lol...

So yeh thats pretty much it.. aint done much today coz ive been suffering from the gig a lil bit.. couldnt speak at all this morning and it took me til about 8pm to be able to hear alright and my neck has been aching like hell from when a fat crowd surfer landed on me lol... but yayness! And Tony was just on TV aswell on the 100 greatest albums... they werent in there but he was one of the commenty ppl which made my all hyper for a lil while..

but yeh thats all i really have to say.. back at college 2morro n stayin til 5 to work in the studio to record some stuff for music tech.. then get to see Lauren 2morro nite which im really lookin forward to her.. aint seen her in a few days n im actually really missing her so yayness!

QOTD (which i keep forgettin to add lol): 'Party Over Here.. FUCK YOU Over There' - Terrorvision 'Friends And Family'
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