Phil (philadelephia) wrote,

Late late late

Ok so this is more of a mini rant than an update.

I'm on a London train - by definition it's a mess, cramped and late for NO REASON!!

I'm sorry but "adverse weather conditions" (referring to a slight rain) in ENGLAND in WINTER....really!?!? Gah!!!

Anyway - yesterday I was in work and decided to read some of my old posts. Hilarity ensued. I can't believe how I used to talk and the extreme range of emotions and made up words! To be fair I was 16 in 2003 when I started...but still.

It's a really nice little time capsule and I'm glad I posted so regularly for a few years. It reminds me of what used to be so important and of my new priorities as a "mature" 25 year old. Very amusing, interesting reading.

So now I'm late for work and still sat on a train.... Good job I'm my own boss today.

Saturday I start being an Elf again.

For old times sake:

You have been Philified...


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