Phil (philadelephia) wrote,

Another train...

So I'm headed to Oxford Circus for another commercial casting.

This time it's for O2. I wonder how long I'll be there this time...20, maybe 30 seconds before they thank me like they just saw the greatest "mobile phone" acting they've ever seen leading to them inevitably giving the job to someone else.

Amazing the shit we actors put up with. If it was any other profession I'd be out of there so fast...that...something...clever and witty would happen...yes.

Then home to tidy the entire flat for Nasha's visit on Saturday. It'll be great to see her with plenty to catch up on but the idea of cleaning the entire flat on my ONE day off isn't thrilling.

Ah well needs must.

Think of the money.

...hmm maybe ill sneak in a game of Fifa first.

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